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Philadelphia Flyers

May 3, 2012

I wanted to write about the incredible risks the Philadelphia Flyers took this off-season, and if they are paying off or not.  Last off-season, the Flyers traded away two of their top players, including their captain, in an attempt to dumb salary, and change the leadership direction of the team.  Mike Richards was traded to the LA Kings, and Jeff Carter was traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Richards had been the team captain for the last 5 or so years, and Carter had been the team’s leading scorer for the last three seasons.  This move shocked the Flyer fans, and caused a lot of controversy in the city.  However, with the increased cap space, the Flyers were able to sign Ilya Bryzgolov, the Russian goaltender, who has been great in net over the last few seasons for the Phoenix Coyotes.  Bryz was supposed to fill a hole the Flyers have had for the last decade in net.  Also, in return for Richards and Carter, the Flyers received a first round draft choice, and a number of young players that they were expecting to contribute.

After watching the Flyers regular season, and beginning of the playoffs, I would have to say that the trades the Flyers made in the off season, have been justified.  This is evident by the fact that the Flyers have made the playoffs, and have made it to the second round.  They have found new leaders in Claude Giroux and Danny Briere.  The best part, though, is the fact that the average age of the players is around 24 years old.  That means that the Flyers should be a great team beyond this season, and will only continue to get better.


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