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NHL Playoff Suspensions/Injuries

May 3, 2012

The 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs are still very young, but there have already been nine suspensions handed out by the league in the wake of a series of dangerous, illegal hits, and out of control brawls that have taken place.  The most severe of these was on April 17th, when Chicago Blackhawks winger Marian Hossa was hospitalized after leaving the ice on a stretcher from being hit by a headshot from Phoenix Coyotes winger Raffi Torres.  Torres, who left his feet to land a should into Hossa’s head, was suspended from the league indefinitely and faces a disciplinary hearing.

In my recent memory, I cannot remember the last time there were this many suspensions in the playoffs.  And with all of the suspensions handed out during the regular season by Brandon Shanahan, the league’s disciplinary director, it makes you think that either the players are that stupid, or hockey is just that rough.  Has this recent series of circumstances just been a coincidence, or is it something more?  It is hard to tell, but repeat offenders beware.  Raffi Torres is going to be made an example of, for those players that want to hit illegally, and harm other players.  I expect that next year, we will see a lot less of these types of hits, and if there are any, much more severe consequences handed out.


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