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NFL Rookie Salary Cap

May 3, 2012

$50 million dollars.  That’s how much money Sam Bradford was guaranteed as the number one pick of the 2010 NFL draft by the St. Louis Rams.  How could anyone pay $50 million dollars to anyone without seeing them perform?  All of that money was given to him based on his potential in the NFL.  There are guys playing in the NFL for 10 years that will never make that much money, even though they are perennial pro bowlers, or future hall of fame candidates.  However, with the collective bargaining that happened last off season, the NFL passed a new rule with a rookie wage scale.  In contrast, last years first pick of the draft, Cam Newton, was guaranteed about $25 million, half of what Sam Bradford made a year before.

This has been a blessing for the NFL.  Before, the top picks in the draft were getting paid so much, no one wanted to have to draft those players and pay them such a ridiculous amount.  Therefore, there were no trades at the top half of the first round of the draft, making it boring to watch, and tough for teams to have to fork out millions.  However, after watching the draft this year, the first draft after the implementation of the rookie wage scale, the first round was a trade-fest.  Just in the top 10 picks alone, there were at least 3 or 4 trades.  This made the draft much more enjoyable to watch, and it went by in 3 hours.  In 2010, the first round took almost 6 hours.  What an improvement, and blessing in disguise for the NFL.


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