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Class Reflection (4/12/12)

May 3, 2012

Today in class, we talked about public relations with internal and external publics.

It is important to communicate with your employees (internal public) so that you can inform them, orientate them, and build organizational culture.  Benefits of employee relations include employee retention, greater sense of commitment to the organization, and every employee is a public relations representative, and should be informed of the major directions the organization may be taking.

There are two ways communication with employees works, downward and upward.  Downward communication includes meetings, memos, or message boards.  Upward communication includes employees going to senior management, often interpersonal conversations.  It may even evolve into structured forms like advisory councils.

In sport organizations, there are a few unique things that you may not get with other organizations.  First of all, employees may feel a social prestige resulting from their association with the organization.  For example, someone that works for the Panthers may have a greater social appeal when with panthers fans, envious of their position in the organization.  Secondly, it may make appeals to the organizations pride successful.  There will be an emotional appeal/attachment for employees to the organization they work for.  The last thing that is unique in sport organizations is that labor relations present challenges.  We saw a perfect example of this in the last year with the NFL and NBA labor negotiations almost eliminating the entire season of both sports.


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