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Class Reflection (3/29/12)

May 3, 2012

Today in class, we talked about direct contact in public relations.  Some examples of this include public speeches, personal appearances, promotional tours, clinics, or open houses.

Some advantages of direct contact methods include face-to-face, person-to-person contact with publics, audiences for these events are generally going to be friendly, and your organization has a high level of control over the event (what is seen, heard, etc.).  Some of the benefits of direct contact pubic relations are that you can develop a personal connection with members of key publics, you can generate publicity, create good will and favorable attitudes, or generate revenue, directly or indirectly.

In a public speaking engagement, make sure you identify your personnel with the ability to speak well, strong interpersonal skills, and knowledge and expertise of your organization.

Personal appearances usually deal with a meet and greet, or autograph signing sessions.  These can be great for fans, or bad for fans, depending on their individual experience with players or coaches.  It is important to make sure your players/coaches are aware of this, so that they stay positive and give off a good image of the organization.  The last thing you want is for a fan to meet their favorite player, and be disappointed.

One of the best options for direct contact are clinics.  You can give people access to players and coaches, and allow them to be coached by these players and coaches.  It is a great way to develop fan loyalty to your organization and enhance your reputation.  It can also allow for fans to grow a greater appreciation for the coach’s role in the organization.


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