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Class Reflection (3/22/12)

May 3, 2012

Today we had a guest speaker who works for a public relations advertising agency.  She spoke to us about some of the different projects her agency has taken on, and how they went about developing those projects.

The first project was the Carolina Panthers’ new logo design.  She told us about how the images of the new design leaked before they were planning to unveil them.  Luckily for them, none of the major media companies such as ESPN were able to pick up on the leak before they were.  Because of this, they were able to move up their timeline and have their official press conference for the new logo, before most people even new about it.

Another event her company helps advertise is the ACC Championship Game.  Some of the difficulties she described about advertising this game were that because there are different teams in it every year, they won’t know who their target audiences will be until about a month before the game.  Luckily, she said that most of the tickets get sold in the Spring, well before the game, so they only have a small percentage of tickets to try to get rid of in the last month.  Also, she said that they were discussing moving the ACC Championship game to a new location.  This could be a problem because her agency is based in Charlotte, and may not be retained if the game moves to Washington D.C.


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