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Class Reflection (3/1/12)

May 3, 2012

Today in class, we discussed the topic of advertising in pubic relations.  Advertising in public relations in extremely importance because it can be the first time a person comes into contact (physically, visually, etc) with your organization or product.

Some advantages in public relations ads are that you can reach a large audience.  You can control a lot of things including the message you are sending out, the timing of the message, the audience that your message is targeting, the frequency of your message (how many times it’s played) or the impact of your message, its size, length, etc.  Lastly, you can use the ad to create awareness, or distribute information regarding your organization, product, or service.

Some disadvantages of public relations ads are the cost.  Commercials can be extremely expensive.  You may miss the target depending on what type of ad you are using.  If you make a mistake, you cannot take it back, and it is out there for all to see.  Lastly, you have the potential to damage your organization’s credibility.

There are four different types of public relations advertisements.  The first is advocacy.  This can be a cross-promotional ad, or it can be that your organization is adopting a position in a certain situation.  The second is a public service ad.  These are informational or educational.  Next is image building, trying to assist the public in forming their opinion of your organization.  Lastly, is to make an announcement.


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