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Class Reflection (2/9/12)

May 3, 2012

Today we carried over from the previous class, and finished talking about reputation management, as well as, organizational media.

An organization’s reputation includes customer service, leadership and employees, financial status, ethics, and quality of products and services.  Your reputation is also determined by what you say, what you do, and what others say about you.  In a different context, your online reputation can be determined in a different way.  This involves things like search engine optimization, wiki technology, feedback/comment sections or posts/blogs, or social media pages (as long as they are public).

The other topic we discussed this evening was organizational media.  Organizational media is used to promote an organization’s goals with out involving the mass media.  The best example of this is a media guide.  There are two types of organizational media, controlled and uncontrolled.  Controlled media are things like media guides, press conferences, social media, or websites.  Uncontrolled media basically revolves around interviews.

The advantages of organizational media are that it can be tailored to specific publics, and you can get heavy use out of it by info seeking publics.  Disadvantages are the high cost of production and distribution of the materials.

As the most common form of organizational media, the media guide’s purposes are to be a media resource, a recruiting tool, and to generate revenue from sales.  It’s content includes a staff directory, profiles of the organization, leaders, media info, rosters, schedules, a recap of the previous season, and possibly a history of the team or organization.


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