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Class Reflection (2/2/12)

May 3, 2012

Today we talked about crisis management plans and effective ways of communication.  A crisis is a situation that possesses the potential to damage a sport organization’s financial stability and/or credibility with its constituents.  These outcomes can directly effect the reputation of the organization, so it is essential to handle them quickly and effectively.

The purpose of a crisis management plan is to share information that is critical to managing a crisis, and communicate with both internal and external publics.    The best way to deal with a crisis is to anticipate them.  Organizations must forecast types of crisis they may face, so that they can figure out ways to prevent them, or have the best possible plan in place to deal with them, in the event they occur.

There are 5 steps to developing a crisis management plan:

1.  ensure senior management supports the plan’s development

2. maintain involvement of certain individuals on the planning committee

3. ensure employees know the plan exists and the importance of its use when a crisis occurs

4. test the plan with mock drills

5. stay committed and use the plan in the event of a crisis

The key elements of a crisis management plan are:

Crisis Scenarios – plan should list the most likely scenarios and the responses to each one

Initiation of Plan – employees must know how to initiate the communication procedures

Define the Response Team – different managers will be needed in different scenarios

Define Key Publics – could involve prioritizing which groups will need to be contacted first


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