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BCS Finally Gets It Right?

May 3, 2012

After years and years of complaints, the BCS competition committee seems to have finally gotten it right.  After a meeting of the 12 conference presidents, and the president of Notre Dame, the competition committee has approved a “final four” for college football.  This scenario will match up the number 1 team in the country against the number 4 team, and the number 2 team against the number 3 team.  Then the two winners will face each other for the national championship.

This is great news.  Now there will hopefully be no undefeated teams left out of the national championship game, like with Auburn in 2002.  However, it is not yet a done deal.  They have to wait for the school presidents to vote in favor of it.

Assuming this new format is adopted, a few new questions will be brought up.  Where will these games be played?  When?

My solution is two let the top two teams play the semifinal games at their home stadium.  For example, if Penn State is ranked number 1, and they play Florida who is ranked number 4, then the game will be played at Beaver Stadium at Penn State.  This will still allow for the importance of going undefeated in the regular season as playing at home would be a huge advantage.  As for when the games should be played, I think they should play them on New Years Day, and then have the Championship played exactly a week later.  The championship game can rotate bowls (Rose, Fiesta, Sugar, etc) every year so they all get their fill.


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