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Class Reflection

January 26, 2012

So far, I am really enjoying the debates we’ve had in class.  We have talked about topics such as Tebow, drug testing in sports, and Mike Gundy’s “I’m a man, I’m 40.”  However, one topic continues to come up, and that is thePenn State scandal.  It really bothers me that Joe Paterno passed away, and all anyone wants to bring up is the Sandusky scandal, instead of all the great things Paterno did and stood for, for 85 years.  My biggest problem with people’s arguments in class, are that they are all based on speculation.  I even called them out on it in class, but they continue to say, “I know we don’t have all the facts but…”  Doesn’t prefacing your statement with this make your argument irrelevant?  Now, being from central Pennsylvania, and considering my parents and grandparents are Penn State alum (my grandfather played for Paterno), I may be slightly biased in this argument.  However, I’ve always been one to argue on facts, and the facts in this case are all based on media speculation.  I could get in to how the media has handled thePenn State situation completely different than the Syracuse one (considering a significant portion of ESPN’s staff areSyracuse alum) but we have yet to discuss this in class.  Regardless, there will always be those people that want to tear Penn State down, because, unfortunately, some people in this country love to see the good guy fall.


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